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Beatriz Casagrande Parsippany, New Je...

Behold the ugliest whore on the face of this planet! My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 years and over recent months, I knew something wasn’t right. Because we recently bought a home (with money from a trust that I had) with the closing date fast approaching and are planning to make the […]

Mira McDaniel, Seattle Washington

Mira McDaniel (nee Mira Berenshtein) in Seattle, WA used and abused me for physical intimacy!!! I am sure not many men would complain when a girl uses a dude for intimate encounters but Mira McDaniel played with my emotions and she took advantage of me. I met Mira McDaniel at a Starbucks, we hit it […]

Lauren Fanger, Newberg, Oregon

Lauren Fanger pursued her co-worker who was engaged with two children under the age of 2 years old. As a mother herself, she stated that she doesn’t care who her actions affect as long as she gets what she wants in the moment. Though claiming she “lived” him, she never had serious intentions with the […]



Adam Keys of Richmond, KY

Adam Keys of Richmond, KY is a cheater. He has been married to a woman named Jada for almost three years and has been cheating on her with a bartender named Corinne who works at Office Lounge in Lexington for almost two years. He’s a lying asshole who presents himself as a good christian guy […]

Christina M. Olivarez

Christina Olivarez lives at 5th ave marion, ia 52302

Camille Robinette, North Carolina

Camille cheats on poor Bryan

Camille Robinette in North Carolina

Camille cheats on poor Bryan

Keith Washo of North Carolina

watch out for Keith!

Joanne Kearsley, Toronto, Canada

I ve been married to my husband for 11 years, we have two children together. Jo the hoe knew all this and after I kindly asked her to stop she still pursued my husband. She wouldn’t leave him alone, texting, calling at all hours of the night. She even assaulted me and then had the […]

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