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Monthly archives for November, 2015

Amy Ross Rowland, Williamson County, ...

Amy Ross Rowland known in Williamson County, TX. as a serial homewrecker/jezebel. Verified 3 affairs with married men. She was her husband’s mistress and broke up his 12 year marriage. Meets her victims on the job, works in administration for Police Departments. Has an MO of telling pathetic lies about her situation to gain sympathy. […]

Nick Bellotti III, Bloomfield

Nick Riback was the name he gave me. I dated him in 2012. He acted like a good guy but was a man whore, dating and sleeping with whoever would take him. Come to read more posts bout him and find out he was a Catholic priest from Newark New Jersey for at least 4 […]

David Menzies, Raleigh, North Carolin...

This man has a string of last minute cancellations dating back to September of 2013. Too bad I didn’t check those reports until after he did the same thing to me. He also spoke inappropriately to me after I stated that I did not want to re-book. This man is a total time waster and […]

Rory Byars, Woodbridge, Virginia

This man likes to fool women by saying he is not married but he is. He will meet different women that he find on date sites like POF and meet for sex. He is a sweet talker and do what he can to make women think he good person. He will take secret video of […]

Rick Weyand, Florida

Watch out ladies! This 5’4 jerk hurt my bestfriend with his drug/alcohol addiction. He has done too much for me to list but lets say he jacked up a decent career, totalled a vehicle,drove another thru a closed garage, a hit and run accident in a company vehicle and the icing on the cake…..invited some […]

Don Merkle, Medford, Oregon

Donnell (goes by Don) Merkle, in Medford, Oregon, is the lowest of low. He is a professional smooth talk who loves to have sex with married women. He has ruined many marriages. He will tell you he loves you and then walk away from you like you are a piece of shit. He always has […]

Jennifer M. Pearson, Colden, New York

There is a cheater, user and a liar who lives in Colden, New York, her name is Jennifer M. Pearson (maiden Koscinch). She’s awful, she led me on, we went on a cruise. I found her at her ex’s husband’s house on multiple occasions, including the day we returned from the cruise and talked about […]

Kathy Holder, La Grange, California

My boyfriend Matthew and I were together for 9 years .. we share 1 son and my daughter .. we moved to Lagrange, CA on the 4 th of July 2015. Our neighbors were cool the man was a handy man and his girlfriend Kathy Holder from Turlock was cool but you could totally tell […]

Thomas Arnette, North Carolina

Thomas Arnette is a known compulsive liar, narcissist and cheater. He cheats on every girlfriend he has had, and they are always mediocre at best. Except his wife, who he never cheated on – at least not the first 5 years to knowledge. He definitely lied though , about his job, his character, personality and […]

Jennifer Brace, Omaha, Nebraska

Watch yourself if you come in contact with this disease infested whore. She will lie to you and use you for money and whatever else she can to take care of her children’s needs. It’s bad enough that she has herpes, but to not disclose that fact with her employer especially when she works at […]

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