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Monthly archives for December, 2015

Stephen S. Campanelli in Santa Monica...

Stephen S. Campanelli in Santa Monica, California is never faithful, narcisstic. Stephen S. Campanelli, in Santa Monica, California, is never faithful, always has the roving eye, never happy with the woman he’s with. Narcissistic. Self-absorbed. Craves constant compliments, attention and needs constant reassurance of how great he is. He’s all about how his image at […]

Dennis Welsh, NJ

Dennis is a psychopath. He has been posting nasty things about my friend, Taylor, on these types of sites that are NOT true. At all. He has even messaged me to not talk to MY BEST FRIEND. She has done nothing wrong, has not cheated or anything on this guy. She just broke up with […]

Juan Louis Visoso Sanchez-Compulsive ...

My sister and me went out to eat and he was working at the Mexican restaurant. I wish we had never went there now. Anyway, he ended up asking her out. They went out on a date to the park. He did not do anything to her on the first date. Then he met her […]

Taylor Devon Burkhardt, New Jersey

Taylor Devon Burkhardt is a liar and a cheater. She is currently in New Jersey. I dated her for two years, turns out the relationship itself was founded on a lie. She told everyone her previous ex had his mother break them up and that he began to sexually harass her afterwards and continue to […]

Richard James Coyle, Oregon

Everyone Please Be On The Lookout For This Sexual Predator. This man “Richard James Coyle” is a registered sexual predator. He lives is in Portland Oregon area. He sleeps with boys and girls between ages 13 to 16 years of age. He was busted by his ex sleeping with 16 year old girl and he […]

Thomas Wayne Melton, Independence, Mi...

I want expose Thomas Wayne Melton. This man is very very nasty. This man is very crazy. He will lie to your face. he raped me, he would threaten to kill me if I went to police. He told me if i dont go back out with him, he will post me on cheatersrus.com and […]

bruce balzer (cureb) (chris)

I was witj this pos for 3 years, had a son with him. He did many things took off came home with womens fingernail sex scratchmarks all over his back, denied cheating. Seen a text come across his phone saying I had fun with you last night, he denied cheating that night even though it […]

Kristen Kessell, Antioch, Illinois

Warning-Cheater Alert to all the guys that decided to date Kristen Kessell for a girlfriend. Watch your wallet and yourself, she will us you for ever thing she can get out of you, an if you have a fight with her she will call the cops on you an say you hit her and I […]

Jason Toma, West Bloomfield Township,...

Jason Toma is the dirtiest grimiest inhumane being to ever walk the earth. He has slept with thousands of girls. He is the biggest pathological liar and serial cheater. He is now engaged to a girl named Candice Shammami who is dumber then a bag of rocks. He was cheating on her the entire time, […]

Charlotte Culpepper – Chattanooga, Te...

Soo…. Charlotte Culpepper works for UNUM insurance company in Chattanooga Tn. She was having an affair with my husband for a year and a half. By her own email admission she was performing fellatio on his raw penis, fully aware that he was still MARRIED.. This whore backed up all his lies, when I confronted […]

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