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Monthly archives for February, 2016

Jeffrey Sheehan of Phillipsport, New ...

So here it is about this NY cheater, Jeffrey or Jeff Sheehan is a lying pos. Jeffrey Sheehan is not too long ago married to a now Lyndsey Sheehan and meeting folks in lodges and promising them he has no emotional attachment to his spouse. Jeffrey Sheehan has certainly not stayed faithful to someone and […]

Jillian Lopez of Chico, California

So this stupid bitch here is a home wrecking whore. She knowingly fucked another girl’s boyfriend. Not only did she know that the guy was taken she would even ask questions about his girlfriend. Her self esteem is so low she was willing to be a dirty slut on the side while the guy went […]

Erica Macklin of Obion, Tennessee

Erica Macklin met my husband while he was a police officer in Troy, TN, while she worked at DOLLAR GENERAL.  He said Erica Macklin asked for his phone # bc she was staying in Obion at her bosses house to watch the dogs. Erica Macklin started texting him and meeting him and doing god knows what. […]

Sabrina Selassie of Baltimore, Maryla...

All started when she moved to Baltimore Maryland. Her name is Sabrina Selassie. She started working with my husband in August. And within a week this woman started calling his phone every 15-30 minutes. I asked him of course why would she call so much. And lied like she was trying to move u in […]

David G. Peinsipp of San Francisco, C...

David Peinsipp is a sleazy, repulsive, manipulative lawyer and partner at the San Francisco office of Cooley LLP who uses women like objects and has been serially cheating on his live-in girlfriend of 15 years. Because of his extremely high level of self-centeredness and disregard for others, he never actually intends to marry his girlfriend […]

Yadira Alejandra Manriquez of North H...

My boyfriend and I, of 3 years then, share an iPad that we use at home. It was on this day I was stuck at home because my car broke down. This girl, Yadira Manriquez, thought she wouldn’t have gotten caught texting my boyfriend while he was out working. Little did she know that our […]

Jessica Leeanne of Raleigh, North Car...

My ex husband had an affair with this husband stealing home wrecker Jessica Leeanne of Raleigh, North Carolina. This happened one year ago, and he left me and my babies for Jessica Leeanne of Raleigh. It would be one thing if he left and was actually with her, but no, she was…If your a married […]

Dewey Ball of Elgin, Illinois

I was once with this “man” for just about 10 years! We’ve a 7 years ancient son together! In that point he cheated on me as a minimum 7 times! I was a total idiot and believed that my love for him would make a difference! It failed to! This last time (the ultimate time) […]

Olivia Monzon of Pasadena, Texas

My husband and i made up our minds to open our marriage bed. He knew a lady by means of the title of Olivia Monzon (32 residing in Pasadena, TX) from way again in his past. They was in a relationship. They weren’t serious. They by no means even had intercourse. So we invited her […]

Melanie Fetterhoff of Kingsport, Tenn...

To start my husband and i were together in excessive university, married correct out of high college. I had 3 attractive kids with him. We shared close to a decade collectively. He has cheated our complete marriage in line with pals, but this one takes the cake. Melanie Fetterhoff got here in my house while […]

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