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Monthly archives for March, 2016

Scott McComas of Parrish, Florida

Scott McComas of Parrish, FL is a serial cheater and pathological liar. He runs back and forth between the harem of women that he keeps on his phone and he will keep his phone face down or hidden out of sight (charging in his truck) when he’s with you. Scott McComas has the numbers of […]

Fred Seghetti of Beaverton, Oregon

Mr. Superb did and mentioned the entire correct things right from the beginning. Even being a gentleman. Theres evidence that hes achieved this before. Hes quite just right at it. After we met he hid his in shape.Com profile (007ItalianScorp). The whole time my gut was once telling me anything used to be fallacious, however […]

Snowbank2013 The Stalker

Beware of user snowbank2013 on Plenty of Fish dating site this man will stalk you . I met user snowbank2013 on plenty of fish .com we met in person once . I made the mistake of given this person whose name is Willie my phone number.What happened next was basically a living nightmare I decided […]

Royce Jones of Katy, Texas

Tazz, his other name, is a serial cheater and a liar. He lives on Katy, Texas but is from Omaha, Nebraska. This man has the nerve to say he is a preacher. He has a wife, but is engaged to several women. Everybody gets a ring. He acts like a true gentleman to get your […]

Jennifer Hallett of New York

This whore bag is named Jennifer Hallett. I labored together with her and obtained to understand her beautiful well so we grew to become neighbors. My kids played with her children and we frolicked on the weekends. Jennifer Hallett did not have a boyfriend or a husband if she did have a boyfriend they didn’t […]

Terry Harkins of Seguin, Texas

Terry Harkins is a fifty three year old compulsive liar and cheater living in Seguin Texas who trys to break excellent mens reputations if they do not do as she wants. I know of three guys on here that she has tried to ruin. Terry Harkins is a liar and a capsule popper and a […]

Lacey Marie Rios of Nampa, Idaho

First learned Lacey Marie Rios had sex with a this writers individual neighbors husband final summer season. Then learned Lacey Marie Rios also started having sex with one her neighbors husband. Have to identical to ruining marriages however in general dont need to be friends along with her should you like have consistent husbands or […]

Kristal Roberts of Dallas Texas

Kristal Brown Roberts or Kristal Rae Roberts at the start from Anna Texas carried on an affair with my husband for over a year. Additionally, at the same time Kristal Roberts had an affair with certainly one of her male tennis associates in Dallas. I most effective included it because it suggests her propensity to […]

Stacey White of Franklin, Vermont

Stacey White and my husband ruined my marriage the first time and he or she manipulated and destroyed it for a 2nd time, let me give an explanation for…My husband and that i were deeply in love from the day we met when I used to be 13, I adored him with each fiber of […]

Kari Kemp of Galesburt Illinois

Kari Kemp is lying manipulative gold digging woman. Kari Kemp will worm her way into your life with her endless lies and manipulation. If you try and break things off with this woman Kari Kemp will seek revenge in every way possible. Kari Kemp will smear your name over the internet and will contact everyone […]

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