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This women is rotten to the core. I hate her for what she has done to me, and she will pay big time. She is moving back here to the states, to be with her cheating Husband STEVE TREMPER who is also a liar. He is not to be trusted as he is an internet […]

Philadelphia’s Alcoholic Psycho...

Gary Dumais of 742 Uber ST Philadelphia PA ( and Select Human Resources and Delta Consultants and Vantage Group phone 215-901-4589 -(not to be confused with the Gary Dumais in MAine) ) is a lying, cheating, alcoholic,woman beating psychopath. Gary Dumais is a dangerous and highly unstable individual.As if all the cheating with random Tinder […]

Brian Daley y Poughkeepsie New York E...

Nude photo

Amanda Coate of Saskatoon, Canada is ...

Amanda, who is AKA Brielle Knight and Destiny Markson, is an escort, thief, meth addict who recently switched sides and is busy ratting out her friends and clients to the police. Amanda went from robbing her clients, to sending them to prison for crimes she committed.

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