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Monthly archives for March, 2017

Mike Butsch, Ohio

Mike Butsch is an evil snake who lives in Oconomowoc WI but frequently travels to Ohio, Miami, Phoenix, and Texas. Mike Butsch pretends to be a gentleman, but it is really a front for his pathetic web of lies. He is obsessed with sex and female orgasms and the desire to be wanted despite his […]

Disgusting Vile Nurse

This disgusting piece of s**t woman proceeded to have a sexual affair with my husband whilst my twin infant babies were sick in hospital. The arrogance of this woman is disgusting, she had the nerve to initially try and tell me how to handle my babies (I mean who the hell did she think she […]

Beatriz Diaz, Tacoma, Washington

This little girl is in the army and apparently likes to chase after married men with 3 kids. She thinks there is nothing wrong with being a married mans FRIEND. She apparently likes to call and text all day and night. And loves sexting. To all you military wifes watch out. She has no respect.

Shari Peace, Deer Park, Texas

This whores just recently had her pics removed from this sightI guess you can’t keep a good whore downThe first nite we met she gave me a blow job under the table at the Strip Club..She’s kinda semifamous around here for sucking strange men in public places.. She plies men with drugs.. Blows them..Records it […]

Vanessa Pereira (Meza), Mesa, Arizona

Today I will share a sad story of a 24 year old homewrecker who not only wrecked my home, but wrecked my mind. Vanessa was the niece of a friend of mine and my husbands, although close in age for a niece and an uncle we are 34-35 and when we speak of maturity those […]

Jessica M. Stogner, Seattle, Washingt...

I just want everyone to know that the woman has zero respect for other women. She is an ex of my boyfriend. They were together for a while until about 2 months before he and I got together, about a year and a half ago. It wasn’t long after that her lack of respect for […]

Emma Gould Ledvina Texas

Emma Ledvina worked for my husband. She had been in our home, watched our children for us. She provided drugs for my husband. I asked her to please back off last November 4th. On November 14th she told my husband they should kiss to get it out of their system. She sent my husband a […]

Jamie Kroone, Phoenix, Arizona

So my husband was working at a job he loved doing overnight security. Around super bowl he started getting texts from his female supervisor. Always friendly but definitely bordering on inappropriate. Jamie Kroone stay away from my man, you home wrecker!

Dave Spinks, Summersville, West Virgi...

Dave claims to be famous on YouTube where he searches for Big Foot and Fairies as a paranormal investigator. He impersonates being a police officer and sets up gofundme accounts and fundraisers just to get access to women’s persona information and asks them for money. He is looking for a sugar momma to pay for […]

Gary Dumais Psy.D attacked and robbed...

Attention fellow escorts! And all women in general! BEWARE of Philadelphia business psychologist Gary Dumais.Worst kind of John ever. Gary Dumais of Select Human Resources and Delta Consultants He not only beat me but also ripped me off of the $600 tribute he gave me for our two hour date appointment but also beat me […]

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