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Camille Robinette, North Carolina

Camille cheats on poor Bryan

Camille Robinette in North Carolina

Camille cheats on poor Bryan

Keith Washo of North Carolina

watch out for Keith!

Joanne Kearsley, Toronto, Canada

I ve been married to my husband for 11 years, we have two children together. Jo the hoe knew all this and after I kindly asked her to stop she still pursued my husband. She wouldn’t leave him alone, texting, calling at all hours of the night. She even assaulted me and then had the […]

Jeremy Fortune, Albuquerque, New Mexi...

Jeremy has been married for almost 15 years and has 2 beautiful children. This does not stop him from having numerous infidelities throughout his entire marriage. He will say any lie he can to get into the other woman’s head. He uses their insecurities to his advantage. He has posted evidence of his sexual encounters […]

Marie Schiller Donlan, Virginia Beach...

USED TO BE MARIE DONLAN. Changed her name! This is a licensed marriage and family therapist who had an affair with her patient, telling him that she was much better for him than his wife. She used confidential information she got from private sessions to manipulate the man into a sexual relationship. If you are […]

Cassie Miller, Barberton, Ohio

My name is Cassie miller. I wanted to get on her and apologize to the world for being a homewrecker. 3 yrs ago I wrkd on a akron job w nothing but men. I started to like this one guy who happened to be married. We talked everyday, I was on his f.b., and we […]

Jenkie Smith, Philippines

We’ve been married since December 2004. My husband worked at Nike Park in Philippines and was assigned in their BGC branch. In December 2014 he was transferred to another branch in Eastwood. Jenkie Smith is her supervisor in that branch. This girl knew that my husband was married with 2 kids. Their affair started january […]

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