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Monthly archives for July, 2017

Lacey Traynham Whittaker, South Carol...

She is out for herself and doesn’t care who gets hurt along the way. She tore apart two families for her own selfishness. Destruction is left in her path. Do not allow her near your family; she does not care who she hurts including children.

Earl Fields, Stover Missouri

Earl Fields from Stover Missouri is a beater cheater liar pervert sociopath. This dangerous pervert has a liking for underage girls. goes from Woman to Woman and preys on women that have daughters. when his wife confronted him about his cheating lying and perverted things he was doing and tried to leave him he brutally […]

Claudia Signal Leon, Georgia

Sent pictures to her lover

Hailey Avent, Clear Lake, Texas

This girl likes to fuck and get into relationships with guys who are engaged. And even wait on the girl and her fiance and their daughter while they sat down to eat dinner! And when told to back off by the guys fiance because they were in fact still together, she completely ignored it and […]

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