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Monthly archives for September, 2017

Kayla evarts, Dunmore pa, Pennsylvani...

The House of Liars welcomes Kayla evarts, Dunmore pa, Pennsylvania. As reported: My new bitch Kayla evarts She’s gonna be a tranny to like me

Kathy Brashear, Diboll, International

The House of Liars welcomes Kathy Brashear, Diboll, International. As reported: Her hobbies include going to her girls sporting events to pick up other women’s husbands. She’s now bragging about a married man paying for her car repairs to him taking her out of town for the weekend! News flash Kathy! God isn’t gonna send […]

Terrence Edwards, Georgia

Terrence Edwards 50 yo Blk male. I met a man named Terrence Edwards on Adult friend finder, we had a relationship for a year in which he never had a job; lived on face book talking with 22 year old females promising to marry them and was smoking weed allll day long. He would use […]

Katilin delfini, Pittsboro, North Car...

The House of Liars welcomes Katilin delfini, Pittsboro, North Carolina. As reported: I have been married for 11 years with 2 children.this girl knew about me and continued to pursue a realtionship with my husband. She didnt care he was married.she drove all tge way from new york to meet with him. I found out […]

Earl Fields Stover Missouri

Earl Fields is a pathological liar cheater beater sociopath pervert gaslighter manipulator narcissist bottom of the barrel scumbag. He has done so many horrible and twisted things I could write a book.He is a predator and looks for women with young teenagers. Run, and run very fast away from this one!

Joshua Balan from Pasadena California

Joshua is a liar, cheater, narcissist and a manipulator, he will use story of how his ex girlfriends treat him badly and how his parents pass away to gain pity from you. He will also use fake photos of some handsome guy and says that it’s him. While talking to you he also talk and […]

Richard Cruz of Gilberts, Illinois

Cheats on wife of 18 yrs for the last 18yrs.

John Ingersoll of Commerce GA

trailer trash lying cheating JOhn Ingersoll is always up to no good! Cant believe a word out of his smelly toothless mouth. He believes his own crazy lies. He is insane. He lives in a filthy small tin box (trailer ) at 419 Highway 326 Coommerce GA phone 706-255-2964. Hes a real POP

Phil Freeman (Wailuku, Maui and Seatt...

Phil Freeman is a pathological liar! He has cheated on every woman he’s been with for the past 30 years. He’ll say you are the love of his life while he’s hooking up with women AND men on craigslist. Claims he’s recovered from cancer and his mission is to help people but he only helps […]

Phil Freeman, Hawaii

Phil Freeman is a toothless fuck who will look you in the eye and tell you you are the woman of his dreams. Then he’ll turn to Craigslist to hookup with men and women. He lives in WA and HI. Claims he owns an apartment on Maui and land in Idaho but no records exist. […]

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