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Kim Haywood, Columbus, Georgia

The House of Liars welcomes Kim Haywood, Columbus, Georgia. As reported: This home wrecking meth head will destroy anything and anyone to get what she wants. Lives for attention and will play helpless and offer wild sex in return. Knowingly infects men with hpv so get checked now. Shows no remorse for her ruins as […]

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Krystal Dickerson lives in Waco Texas. She lives in the Lacy Landing Apts. She burnt me. She said she had a boyfriend in jail, needed money & a car. Made me believe she wanted to be with me. I caught her cheating on me with a married man. She told him the same thing, she […]

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Lina Sophia Wall

Watch out for this skank! She runs her mouth way too much. Lina Sophia Wall of a North Carolina is a cheating, narcissistic sociopath! She manipulates others into trusting her, then she betrays them. Lina has an overactive sex drive, which is common for sociopaths and psychopaths. She also lacks empathy and remorse, just like […]

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