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Kevin R Allen, Delaware

If you meet this guy online, RUN. He’s a serial dater and dates multiple women from different sites and constantly lies and promises marriage to all women. HE’S A LIAR AND CANT STOP!!!

Colette Sullivan

Serial cheater. Had anal sex with her colleagues. Malignant Covert Narcissist. Psychopath. Wanted me dead. Beatings, poisoning, triangulation,. Stood by and watched me choke. Plotted with her sister and her sex partners to torture me. Crazy as hell. Needs locking up. She is a serious danger to her next target.

Jazlyn Cruz/Inoa is only focused on m...

In the two years of being in her first real relationship, she met up with multiple guys in their houses and fucked all of them. While her boyfriend was supporting her financially, she would use the phone he was paying for to go on tinder and talk to other guys. Jazlyn also went on sugar […]

Colette Sullivan

Slut from hell. London and Lincolnshire, UK Cork, Ireland.

Miles Serkin-Mazel, Ohio

Miles Serkin-Mazel gave me genital herpes. He knew he had it as he gave it to a mutual friend too and she told him after and he said he knew he had it! I’m writing this because others should be warned about this as genital herpes is no joke and it’s something I now have […]

Raphael Goudy, Michigan

This man is a liar, cheater, sleazeball, and psychopath. He poses as a photographer but is really a stalker and creep. Ladies beware, he keeps your proofs to masturbate to or pretend that he’s been romantically involved with you. He gets off on getting away with criminal and sadistic activity. The worst part is that […]

Leticia Soto Hendricks likes screwing...

This whore’s name is Leticia Soto Hendricks and she lives in Aurora,CO. This skank started having sex with her boss in his home knowing that he was engaged. She even knew and has met her bosses Fiance. While her bosses Fiance was out of town taking care of her parents this piece of trash was […]

Nayeli De Aquino Martinez 52 1 998 18...

This whore lives in Cancun, Mexico. The whore cheated on and then divorced her husband to embark on romantic and sexual relationship with her first cousin Alonso Ortiz 7145805695 who is in the picture next to the whore. Alonso himself is a gigolo who uses women for money and sex. He has slept with multiple […]

Nicole Karnath, Ohio

Ridden more than Seabiscuit

Morgan Cole, Bowleys Lane Baltimore M...

Morgan Cole is married to Edna Cole and has had multiple extramarital affairs. He is a known carrier of HPV, but he refuses to warn his partners or take precautions. Look for phone calls or text messages on your significant other’s phone from (410) 949-9624 or (443) 572-2405. When he is confronted, he will simply […]

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