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Nicole Brzyski Freelance Writer Edito...

This Editor has been harassing a lifetime friend of mine. Not just my friend but also involving children. Truly disgusting. Nicole has created this sob story but is leaving out she is the one that just this past weekend was harassing my friend pretending she was a news reporter. The authorities have been notified as […]

Xbox Troll

Jena Schoniger, an overweight ugly loser who spends her time playing Xbox and befriending strange men. She asked by boyfriend for his phone number under the guise of getting gamer tips. Then she obsessively called and texted him over a 10 month period. Even after I caught her, she didn’t stop. She tried to hide […]


Krystal Dickerson lives in Waco Texas. She lives in the Lacy Landing Apts. She burnt me. She said she had a boyfriend in jail, needed money & a car. Made me believe she wanted to be with me. I caught her cheating on me with a married man. She told him the same thing, she […]


Worse boss ever! If you work for her she will tell every one that your stealing the mechandise. She might even fuck the male customers. Word of Advice…. Stay the fuck off social media..

Matt Bilge – Iskender Matt Bilg...

I met Matt Bilge, full name Iskender Mert Bilge, on the dating app Bumble (he is based in Manhattan). We dated for 8 months and he asked for exclusivity early on. Lately, he had been discussing marriage. A few strange things happened to make me suspicious and I finally checked out his phone. I discovered […]

Lina Sophia Wall

Watch out for this skank! She runs her mouth way too much. Lina Sophia Wall of a North Carolina is a cheating, narcissistic sociopath! She manipulates others into trusting her, then she betrays them. Lina has an overactive sex drive, which is common for sociopaths and psychopaths. She also lacks empathy and remorse, just like […]

kayla evarts, 144 dimmic st dunmore p...

The House of Liars welcomes kayla evarts, 144 dimmic st dunmore pa, International. As reported: Breaking news this pig fucks her own dog shes a disgusting pig and has mental problems needs to be admitted in the first hospital who in the world would fuck there own dog this girl has problems

Katie McDonald, Columbus, Ohio

The House of Liars welcomes Katie McDonald, Columbus, Ohio. As reported: NASTY FEMALE! She sleeps with anyone and everyone, male and female.

Katie Ginella, Orlando, Florida

The House of Liars welcomes Katie Ginella, Orlando, Florida. As reported: Katie Ginella aka Sundseth is a deadbeat mom and a cheating whore and gold digger. She was knocked up and married to another homewrecker Matt Ginella before she could get divorced from her first husband. She is a self proclaimed model and mom according […]

Kelly Sines, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The House of Liars welcomes Kelly Sines, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As reported: Kelly Sines and Ken Sines are local swingers and host a podcast for swingers STARunderground. It is not a coincidence Kelly‚Äôs middle name is Renee and her alter ego is Renee Harkness, aka @SU_LadyRenee? Ken showcases his Godzilla fetish on his personal Facebook page […]

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