Adam Watson, Lakeland, Florida

Adam Watson goes on Tinder and meets girls so he can cheat on his wife of 8 years, who he has a 3 year old son with. He uses a separate cell phone, forges relationships with long term girlfriends who have no idea he’s married, and lies about everything to his wife. He lives in Lakeland, Florida. He’s a complete sociopath who will tell the “girlfriend” anything she needs to hear and “become” whoever it is her dream man is. He will says he wants to marry her, treat her like a queen, and make sure she falls madly in love with him all the while going home at night to sleep in bed with his wife. He travels a lot for his job, so it makes it easy for him to fool both the wife and girlfriend. He is an absolutely flawless actor and will prey on his new “girlfriend” at her most vulnerable and weakest time to ensure she becomes completely dependent on him. This man has no conscience, and he’s even been busted by his wife but the poor pathetic thing is stuck with him as she has no job skills or work experience, so she doesn’t have the backbone to leave him. He is a serial cheater, and a leopard doesn’t change his spots. Run the other way of you see this man on any dating site or in person.

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