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Alex Boudreau, Martinsburg, West Virginia

Alex Boudreau is a year younger then his abusive asshole. and while he may not be as physical hands on beating he is verbally abusive and has HERPES. yes you got it HERPES. Those valtrex prescriptions i had to give money to or else….so his last girlfriend Lena wouldn’t see any outbreaks. nice huh? Gross too. Also a steroid abuser also born in a nuthouse. Also a thief. His name was the one actually on the loan papers for loan max where he took a loan on my car then him and his bro came back after i got it out of repo took it and sold it to Goldstar. DMV wasn’t quick enure.

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  1. Amandashaw Amandashaw
    November 20, 2017    

    Let me guess 2 light skinned brothers right?? Lol if so they travel the USA. Most of the postings here and everywhere are about them.

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