Amber Sexton Hubbard, Ohio

Cheater’s Name: Amber Sexton Hubbard, Ohio
This person is a cheater who deserves to live in chleaterland because: I moved in with a girl i thought was my friend. She claimed to be my best friend and became completely obsessed with me. She always tried to break my boyfriend and i up and tried everything to pull me away from him. When i decided to move in with him she freaked out and became more clingy. A main reason i wanted to move out was because she was prostituting out of her house where her 3 year old son lived. She used my bedroom to turn her tricks. She was also sleeping with 3 other men since her bf was in prison. She had tried to have sex with me a few times and although i turned her down i did see her saggy, disgusting, poor excuse of a vagina. It was one of the most horrific sights Ive ever seen. A few weeks after i moved out of her house i was incarcerated and mere days after my arrest she convinced my fiancee to come sleep with her. She fucked him and told him stories about what a whore i was and how i was sleeping with a bunch of guys and going out drinking all the time, which is highly offensive as i am a recovering addict. She waited for a weak moment to take the one man Ive ever truly cared about and she moved in. Shes a no good homewrecking cunt and she needs exposed. Her son should not have to see that and her bf definitely doesnt deserve that. He thinks shes the perfect womanother than having a saggy pussy with warts on it obviously. She thinks she can fuck anybody and not have any consequences but she fucked with the wrong one. Ive considered ways to hurt her in any way i can. However her pain isnt worth my freedom. My children need their mother. She deserves to be outted and embarrassed. Shes a no good, piece of shit whore who is good for nothing but to spread her saggy legs to show off her diseased vagina.

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