Ashley Parowan, Utah

Cheater’s Name: Ashley Parowan, Utah
This person is a cheater who deserves to live in chleaterland because: This bitch! Tried to be my friend and get me to leave my husband while trying to pretend to protect me from the other whore thats in the picture *Katie* also wanting my husbands dick and going as far as telling my friends thatas if Im not going to hear it?! In my house in my perfume, hairspray straight up trashy bitch! Also about as fake as they come! Busted ass cunt 6-7 years YOUNGER than me and looking about 10 years older telling me to leave and kick out my husband saying hes ugly and the same night grabbing his dick. Needs her teeth kicked down her throat and needs to be reminded shes already married with a kid! Lay off the do its bitch and stop being a home wrecking whore!

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