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Michelle Loy, Illinois

Just a terrible good for nothing lying, cheater! Now doing her evil work in front of the 3 children! By multiple men needless to state.

Jared Egg is a child molester in Colo...

Jared Egg molested a 6 year old boy in Englewood, Colorado. The boy’s mother allowed this to happen in exchange for rent. The boy currently has nightmares to this day.

Zsolt Vegh, Indiana

Zsolt Vegh is a lying, cheating, thief who likes to get it on with MEN. He exposed his sons to prostitution. What kind of sick pig does that? Don’t believe a word he says. Disgusting scum bag!

Curtis Helton of Catalyst Lending, Co...

Curtis Helton of Catalyst Lending is the guy you want to go to if you are a child abuser or pedophile needing a home loan. It’s guys like this that are driven by greed that only harm our community and make it unsafe for our children. Curtis Helton 757 Maleta Lane Suite 202 Castle […]

Kathy a thomas, Amboy, Illinois

The House of Liars welcomes Kathy a thomas, Amboy, Illinois. As reported: She likes to come between her adult son and who he dates&has children with. Once I stood up to her she decided to play she a victim.she has no remorse. She plays her son and who he dates against one another.She tells the […]

Eric Freda is a panty wearing POS

Eric Freda is a cheating piece of shit. He likes to wear panties but don’t take my word for it. After all, a picture is worth 1000 words!!

Steve Brunelle of Everett WA

Steve Brunelle posts ads to seduce and control married women!!!!! He’s been cheating on his wife Kim for years! Watch out for this narcissist!

Kendall Presley, West Frankfort, Illi...

The House of Liars welcomes Kendall Presley, West Frankfort, Illinois. As reported: This is Kendall aka Kenny as her minions like to call her. She clawed her way into my 11 year marriage when she met my husband at her work as a pharmacist tech at CVS in West Frankfort. She stole my personal medical […]

Pedophiles Of A Feather Flock Togethe...

These 3 men have been involved in child sexual abuse in Colorado. Please keep your children away from them!


Worse boss ever! If you work for her she will tell every one that your stealing the mechandise. She might even fuck the male customers. Word of Advice…. Stay the fuck off social media..

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