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Kelly Arias, Lefferts Blvd, Kew Garde...

The House of Liars welcomes Kelly Arias, Lefferts Blvd, Kew Gardens, New York. As reported: This little homewrecking slut bag has the nerve to organize groups for mothers in queens as a support group meanwhile shes fucking your husband! well at least mines for that matter. My husband and I have been married for 13yrs […]

Karissa Emilie Fleck, Easton, Pennsyl...

The House of Liars welcomes Karissa Emilie Fleck, Easton, Pennsylvania. As reported: In a public Facebook post dated December 9, 2016, Bill Hartley, formerly of Ghosts of Sheperdstown on Destination America is quoted, “I wanted to take a second a write this so everyone is clear as to what’s happened in the past few months […]

Karyn Guidry, Raleigh, North Carolina

The House of Liars welcomes Karyn Guidry, Raleigh, North Carolina. As reported: This bitch is not to be trusted she work at a fitness center called Lifetime athletic in Raleigh NC I guess she thought there would be no repercussions for her part in my family being destroyed.

Karenn Miranda (Karenn Sanchez), Faye...

The House of Liars welcomes Karenn Miranda (Karenn Sanchez), Fayetteville, North Carolina. As reported: Karenn Miranda (formerly Karenn Sanchez from Mexicali, Baja California), who just became a specialist in the Army on April 1, 2017, slept with my very married husband of 10 years. They were together for four months. She plays the “I’m suicidal, […]

Kiaran Brooks, Fort Worth, Texas

The House of Liars welcomes Kiaran Brooks, Fort Worth, Texas. As reported: This woman woman is a nurse at Texas Health Fort Worth. She should have morals and values of family and right and wrong. She doesn’t. If I ever get taken to this hospital and she is my nurse you can bet I will […]

Susan D Payne, Harriman/Kingston, TN

She has been reported several times on Cheaterland.com website. You can read all about her lies, betrayals, husband stealer, homewrecking, racist ways and lots more on their website. You can also search her on facebook and see how she acts like she is the most honest church worshipper around with her hipocritical ass. Beware of […]

Darren Ambler- Cheater- Liar- Sociopa...

Darren Ambler is a Big time “CHEATER”- “CHEATER”….He is an OBSESSIVE control freak and SEX ADDICT. Darren is disrespectful and enjoys being referred to as a PLAYBOY. Darren Ambler is DEMENTED and has no MORAL FIBER or CONCEPTION Of RIGHT or WRONG. Darren has no CONSCIENCE and uses women and others. Very SELFISH and INSECURE […]

James Binkley 44 of Portage Michigan ...

James Binkley 44 of Portage Michigan is Cheating On His Wife He Has Been Married To For 12 Years &Been With For 14 Years. He Is Also Cheating On His 2 Kids As They Are Aware.James & Wife Live In Separate Residences Due To Him Being A Mental,Verbal, Emotional and Physical Abuser However He & […]

Beware Cheating Husband

This Man James Russell Binkley From Portage Michigan Has Been Untrustworthy, Unfaithful,Untruthful, Disrespectful,Rude, and He Ran Out On His Wife And Children And Has been Shacking Up with A Home Wrecking Fat Ugly Whore. He Has Bashed His Children And Totally Bashed His Wife That he Made Life Promises To in Front Of God,Family and […]

Matt smith and Lisa fortunato, duped ...

So I met this guy on PS4. His name is Matt Smith psn name abc3174, or abc3175. He was funny, listened, and just what I was looking for. Months passed, and we spent every available minute together. Watching movies while skyping, getting closer and closer. Soonn we started talking about more, and me moving to […]

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