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Pedophiles Of A Feather Flock Togethe...

These 3 men have been involved in child sexual abuse in Colorado. Please keep your children away from them!


Worse boss ever! If you work for her she will tell every one that your stealing the mechandise. She might even fuck the male customers. Word of Advice…. Stay the fuck off social media..

Steve Brunelle of Everett WA

Steve Brunelle posts ads to seduce and control married women!!!!! He’s been cheating on his wife Kim for years! Watch out for this narcissist! 2017

Tony Atkins, Orlando, Florida

Horrible cruel person that targets single women. Will tell you from day one he’s not married. A manipulator, liar and evil person. He will take the time to get to know you and build your trust. And once his wife caught him he tried to make me look like I was the angry side chick. […]

Kimber Lamoreux Animal Abuser!

I witnessed my neighbor Kimber Lamoreux beating her dog in the photo with a stick. I reported her to animal control and hopefully they will be able to get the poor dog away from her. She should not be allowed to own any animals!

Lying/Cheater in Astoria,NY

Lying,using,cheating junkie who cheats on boyfriends&sleeps with married men&men withgirlfriends,these men have families&she even had a child with 1,she gets pregnant easy&does drugs to misscarty if to late for an abortion. Anybody who knows her knows how she really is

Louise lippy white, Brighton, Interna...

The House of Liars welcomes Louise lippy white, Brighton, International. As reported: Get tested

Kathy Sue Dalia, Cary, North Carolina

The House of Liars welcomes Kathy Sue Dalia, Cary, North Carolina. As reported:

Kaylee pressley, Mableton, Georgia

The House of Liars welcomes Kaylee pressley, Mableton, Georgia. As reported: watch out for this homewrecking junkie whore! ! Spreads her legs for taken men and anything ahe can get…preferably drugs.. She will also run like a little scared bitch when confronted!

Ritchie Torres Bronx New York HIV Pos...

It’s a new day in New York! Ritchie Torres is a flaming HIV Positive gay male.

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