Where Liars and Cheaters Live!

Beatriz Casagrande Parsippany, New Jersey

Behold the ugliest whore on the face of this planet! My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 years and over recent months, I knew something wasn’t right. Because we recently bought a home (with money from a trust that I had) with the closing date fast approaching and are planning to make the next steps in our lives; I wanted to make sure that this feeling I had in my gut was just nothing more than nerves about the future. I installed an app on his phone that tracked messages, phone calls, GPS, etc. Not only 1 day after I installed the app did several explicit messages between him and Beatriz exchange. Based on the messages, it is clear the two of them had sex at some point. I called this ugly slut and nicely asked her to tell me what was going on between her and my boyfriend. I explained that I had evidence and I told her I would not be mad at her….just be honest with me. She lied like the manipulative little skank she is. She has a boyfriend and 3 DAUGHTERS! She should be ashamed of herself! Even in the face of cold hard evidence (including recorded conversations), they are both denying this to the grave. Unbelievable! Here she is for the whole world to see what an ugly, lying manipulative whore she is! I am sure all 3 of her daughters will end up being just like her. My boyfriend and I have started therapy to try and salvage our relationship.

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