Brenda Fritz Enterprise, Kansas

Cheater’s Name: Brenda Fritz Enterprise, Kansas
This person is a cheater who deserves to live in chleaterland because: I thought long and hard before deciding to post this. I dont like to believe that Im the type of person who would purposefully ruin someones life, but this home wrecker didnt think twice before ruining mine. Karma is a bitch. Brenda Fritz aka The Troll lived in apartments belonging to my husbands mother. They were only acquaintances at first, but years later she added him to Facebook. I never worried about her because lets face it, she not only fell out of the ugly tree, but the damn thing fell over on top of her also. See pic. But I suspected ulterior motives on her behalf. My husband told me that she would call him constantly at work. Way more than I, his own wife would. She would drive by our house and text him to say that it was her driving by and honking. She would non stop call and text him to tell him about all of her problems which were incredibly vast and my husband told me that it annoyed him but yet he let it persist.

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