Bryanna Duncil Greensburg, Indiana

Cheater’s Name: Bryanna Duncil Greensburg, Indiana
This person is a cheater who deserves to live in chleaterland because: After my soon to be ex was promoted to a TC this factory slut was all over him. Apparently she has a reputation for breaking up marriages/families and draining men of as much as she can get. He began lying and pretending to constantly be at work. He took off the day after Christmas telling me and our two young children he was going to the gym and Walmart and he would be back. He returned a week later after his mom contacted her and told Bryanna that she would go to her mother and let her family know about the situation if Randy did not call his mom back. He swore he was sorry, cried in my living room, and even called her an attention whore. I told him I wouldnt consider working on things if he wasnt done with her and had 0 communication with her. (Dont worry she isnt a victim after all, he told me she gave him a burner phone so they can still talk back in November when I caught him getting texts from her.). He claims he went to end it with her but they were texting by the time he got back home claiming it was him telling her he was truly done and so they could figure out how to handle things at work so he wouldnt get fired for sleeping with his now subordinate. He then was sneaking with snap chat and talking with her for the week. After I caught him and told him I was done, he swore to be there for our kids. The next week, he left our son at preschool and didnt bother to call anyone else to get him. I had no idea until the teacher called. He has not seen, spoke to, or asked about our kids in over 2 months. When he seen them 2 months ago, he was forced by one of his family members.

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  1. Nick Nick
    January 22, 2017    

    Any nude pics of her?? [email protected]

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