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Kristina Leigh Horn Surprise AZ

Totally Full Of Shit! All Lies Lies Lies and she is NOT THE VICTIM nomatter what she says. This whore has had it easy her whole life and has gotten to where she is at by using whoever she can to get everything she wants or needs. Acts like a normal person in the beginning […]

Vanessa Pereira (Meza), Mesa, Arizona

Today I will share a sad story of a 24 year old homewrecker who not only wrecked my home, but wrecked my mind. Vanessa was the niece of a friend of mine and my husbands, although close in age for a niece and an uncle we are 34-35 and when we speak of maturity those […]

Jamie Kroone, Phoenix, Arizona

So my husband was working at a job he loved doing overnight security. Around super bowl he started getting texts from his female supervisor. Always friendly but definitely bordering on inappropriate. Jamie Kroone stay away from my man, you home wrecker!

Tommy Hilfiger|:Phoenix, :Arizona

Tommy Hilfiger|:Phoenix, :Arizona has been reported as a cheater and is now a resident of Cheater Land. Is Tommy Hilfiger|:Phoenix, :Arizona really a cheater? Read the report and make up you own mind! chepester

Taylor Sprowl

So, I met Taylor Sprowl on tinder. After a day or so of chatting we finally had some dinner and then went back to her place to hook up. I have to admit she was amazing in bed. She can suck some d*ck like a champ and always let me j*zz on her face. However, […]

Linda Cooley

she is sleeping with me and dating other men and probably sleeping with them also

Henry Guerra

Henry Guerra who used to own What The Hell Bar and Grill is a low life cheating SOB who cheated on me when we were living together! He continues to lie that he ever did wrong! He would yell and scream at me that it was all in my head and I was a stupid […]

Lauren Wesselhoft

Lauren Wesselhoft has done it again. In Tucson she was known as the pepsi’d up stripper that cheated on every boyfriend she had, and after moving to Chicago for a “fresh start” she managed to make a new reputation for herself here. She’s found herself another boyfriend who she claims she’s remained faithful to (yet […]

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