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WG (Waeel) Al Johmani (AlJohmani), Wa...

WG, Waeel, WaelJoh – liars and cheaters have many names. Originally from Syria, living in Denmark. Has two homes – one official in Odense, where he lives with his 55-year-old wife (he is 32) and one in Kerteminde, where he has a harem of poor women, who all believe his bullshit ! He has been […]

Earl Fields Stover Missouri

Earl Fields is a pathological liar cheater beater sociopath pervert gaslighter manipulator narcissist bottom of the barrel scumbag. He has done so many horrible and twisted things I could write a book.He is a predator and looks for women with young teenagers. Run, and run very fast away from this one!

Kevin R Allen, Delaware

If you meet this guy online, RUN. He’s a serial dater and dates multiple women from different sites and constantly lies and promises marriage to all women. HE’S A LIAR AND CANT STOP!!!

Colette Sullivan

Serial cheater. Had anal sex with her colleagues. Malignant Covert Narcissist. Psychopath. Wanted me dead. Beatings, poisoning, triangulation,. Stood by and watched me choke. Plotted with her sister and her sex partners to torture me. Crazy as hell. Needs locking up. She is a serious danger to her next target.

Nayeli De Aquino Martinez 52 1 998 18...

This whore lives in Cancun, Mexico. The whore cheated on and then divorced her husband to embark on romantic and sexual relationship with her first cousin Alonso Ortiz 7145805695 who is in the picture next to the whore. Alonso himself is a gigolo who uses women for money and sex. He has slept with multiple […]

Earl Fields, Stover Missouri

Earl Fields from Stover Missouri is a beater cheater liar pervert sociopath. This dangerous pervert has a liking for underage girls. goes from Woman to Woman and preys on women that have daughters. when his wife confronted him about his cheating lying and perverted things he was doing and tried to leave him he brutally […]

Christina M. Olivarez

Christina Olivarez lives at 5th ave marion, ia 52302

Jennifer Dimino of nashua nh

Jennifer Dimino of nashua nh is nothing but a home wrecking bitch. She thinks nothing about going after married men. She is disgusting and a whore. Keep ypur man away from this tramp.

Brian Daley y Poughkeepsie New York E...

Nude photo

Darren Ambler: Cheater- Abuser- Socio...

Darren Ambler is a “Cheater”- “Psycho” “”Liar” “Abuser” & Immoral Playboy. Darren used me for sex only. He is very insecure, self-centered and has an unhealthy sexual obsession. Darren Ambler was obsessed with the sex act itself as well as dirty pornographic acts in which he attempted to perform on me. Darren Ambler portrays himself […]

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