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Leticia Soto Hendricks likes screwing...

This whore’s name is Leticia Soto Hendricks and she lives in Aurora,CO. This skank started having sex with her boss in his home knowing that he was engaged. She even knew and has met her bosses Fiance. While her bosses Fiance was out of town taking care of her parents this piece of trash was […]

John Henry Wade, Tiffany Rainwater, D...

Mine wasMine was a smotherer and I was supportive and there for him all the time because I thought he needed that so would stop his panicking and build trust and confidence in him & that seemed to work in a way too and we seemed very happy and I trusted him and then the […]

She SHook Saloos World

She SHook Saloos World has been reported as a cheater and is now a resident of Cheater Land. Is She SHook Saloos World really a cheater? Read the report and make up you own mind! She is a bad girl , left salman and now with ranbir

Shawn Schweier of Denver Colorado

Shawn Schweier! Socialistic and pathological lier claims to be a book author publisher and writer who knows women and is a bad ass man of seduction truth is he is far from it and offers women nothing but a lost boy with a very very small dick who is self centered and running from himself […]

Demetris Mothershed of Colorado

Colorado beware of this HPV-GENITAL WARTS carrier named Demetris Mothershed. He loves unprotected anal sex with men and women. He is a compulsive liar. He is not what you think. No you did hit the jackpot with this loser trust me. Look at his background. There’s a protection order against him for Domestic Violence. Don’t […]

bruce balzer (cureb) (chris)

I was witj this pos for 3 years, had a son with him. He did many things took off came home with womens fingernail sex scratchmarks all over his back, denied cheating. Seen a text come across his phone saying I had fun with you last night, he denied cheating that night even though it […]

Anthony Gallucci

This man lives in Boulder CO. He is a nasty human being. He has cheated on every woman he has ever been with, and he lives off women, section eight, and welfare. He abuses his children. He is a narcissistic man, who will be extremely abusive emotionally, physically, and economically. He will try to take […]

Anthony Gallucci, Boulder, Colorado

Anthony Gallucci is a serial cheater, a manipulator, narcissistic, and a generally not a very nice human being. He cheated on his wife Kyesha Lowery-Willauer for several years, which resulted in an STD (HPV) and her having to be treated for pre-cancerous cells in her cervix. He constantly portrays himself as a victim while victimizing […]

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