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Michelle Loy, Illinois

Just a terrible good for nothing lying, cheater! Now doing her evil work in front of the 3 children! By multiple men needless to state.

Kathy a thomas, Amboy, Illinois

The House of Liars welcomes Kathy a thomas, Amboy, Illinois. As reported: She likes to come between her adult son and who he dates&has children with. Once I stood up to her she decided to play she a victim.she has no remorse. She plays her son and who he dates against one another.She tells the […]

Kendall Presley, West Frankfort, Illi...

The House of Liars welcomes Kendall Presley, West Frankfort, Illinois. As reported: This is Kendall aka Kenny as her minions like to call her. She clawed her way into my 11 year marriage when she met my husband at her work as a pharmacist tech at CVS in West Frankfort. She stole my personal medical […]

Sgt Iris Perez, Illinois

Disrespectful woman that sleep with married men and spread STD.

Richard Cruz of Gilberts, Illinois

Cheats on wife of 18 yrs for the last 18yrs.

Elizabeth Johnson Chicago, Illinois

Cheater’s Name: Elizabeth Johnson Chicago, Illinois This person is a cheater who deserves to live in chleaterland because: Well I would love to go into detail about this woman but truth is I dont know anything about her. I know shes from Illinois, I know she comes to visit the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (where […]

Travis P. Dunn Springfield, Illinois

Cheater’s Name: Travis P. Dunn Springfield, Illinois This person is a cheater who deserves to live in chleaterland because: This man has cheated on his wife numerous times. He claims to be either single or divorced which he us neither. He is a smooth talker knows what to say and when to say it. His […]

Kshe Bemard of Illinois

Kshe Bemard pussy smells like fish.. Kshe Bemard is a cheating bitch… Kshe Bemard likes to find her victims at work “Jim Maloof Realtor”, or in some empty properties that is for sale. This bitch loves to suck dick, lick ass, and being degraded. Kshe Bemard loves to be passed around. Will service anyone and […]

Kari Kemp of Galesburt Illinois

Kari Kemp is lying manipulative gold digging woman. Kari Kemp will worm her way into your life with her endless lies and manipulation. If you try and break things off with this woman Kari Kemp will seek revenge in every way possible. Kari Kemp will smear your name over the internet and will contact everyone […]

Reginald Gresham – Lansing IL

Cheap ugly backstabber reginald gresham lives in lansing il

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