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Morgan Cole, Bowleys Lane Baltimore M...

Morgan Cole is married to Edna Cole and has had multiple extramarital affairs. He is a known carrier of HPV, but he refuses to warn his partners or take precautions. Look for phone calls or text messages on your significant other’s phone from (410) 949-9624 or (443) 572-2405. When he is confronted, he will simply […]

Heather Abate Baltimore, Maryland

Cheater’s Name: Heather Abate Baltimore, Maryland This person is a cheater who deserves to live in chleaterland because: This dirty slut just loves black men. She has been f*cking my husband for months and is not woman enough to answer the phone. Instead of being a whore, she could focus on taking care of her […]

Jennifer Resnick Frederick, Maryland

Cheater’s Name: Jennifer Resnick Frederick, Maryland This person is a cheater who deserves to live in chleaterland because: This nasty home wrecker is married and has cheated on her husband several times. Shes currently cheating with my husband, her co-worker. She likes to send him pictures of herself naked and message him telling him she […]

Sabrina Selassie of Baltimore, Maryla...

All started when she moved to Baltimore Maryland. Her name is Sabrina Selassie. She started working with my husband in August. And within a week this woman started calling his phone every 15-30 minutes. I asked him of course why would she call so much. And lied like she was trying to move u in […]

Ivan Blackwell of Baltimore, Maryland

Ivan Blackwell is charming, witty, and good-looking. We met at and he asked me to be his lady friend two weeks later. Sure it was quickly, faster than i have ever been in a relationship however the chemistry was once strong and it felt proper. Except it wasnt. The connection was once almost ideal, until […]

Albert Hargrove

Albert Hargrove will wine and dine you then stick you with an expensive bill… and I don’t mean a monetary one but an STD! He will have you thinking that you are the one and only girl in his life. Beware of this fat fucker!

Karen Angelici, Baltimore, Maryland

Watch out for this old whore in baltimore, maryland! If you have money she’s easy to get…I Had a relationship with this lard ass fat cow, but she needed more nigger dick. She would hook up with niggers to get her bills paid. I was at work and got down sick and my boss told […]

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