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Derek Brubaker

Cheater’s Name: Derek Brubaker This person is a cheater who deserves to live in chleaterland because: Derek Brubaker is a home wrecker, cheater, liar and manipulator. He has cheated on all 3 of his wives. He uses the classic cheater lines and blames his actions on others. His soon to be ex wife learned about […]

David Maynard and Janelle Layne

Cheater’s Name: David Maynard and Janelle Layne This person is a cheater who deserves to live in chleaterland because: OkayI just found out 6 months ago. My husband at lunch from his job going thru the drive thru got a post it note in his bag of food that said I will put a smile […]

James J.L. Prince

Cheater’s Name: James J.L. Prince This person is a cheater who deserves to live in chleaterland because: Ladies please beware of this man!!!! He is a WOMAN BEATER!!!! He goes by J.L. short for JAMES LLOYD PRINCE, 52 y.o., from the Conway/Aynor/Cool Springs area. He has beat women with HAMMERS, CROW-BARS, LOCKED them in closets, […]

Steve Weston

Steve Weston is actually a 62 year old man named Paul Dornellas.  He’s  married to Nancy Dornellas and has a 40 year old daughter named Barbara Prince.  While his wife is asleep or at work, Paul tries to get with younger women online.  He pretended to be 21 in college.  He had 4 different phone […]

Brian Seago of Kansas City MO

Liar. Cheater. Manipulator. Compulsive Liar. Will always blame others for the poor decisions he makes. Treats family and close friends like garbage. Has no loyalty, faith or respect for anyone or anything. Doesn’t respect institution of marriage or monagamus relationships. Creates own reality to hide in… It is a symptom of his mental health issues […]

Jeff lyon of Waxahachie TX

He cheated on his wife while she was In labor having his son! He is a addict with major drug problem, history of domestic violence, wife beater. He comes off as charming but he is a monster. He raped his own wife . injured he so bad she required blood transfusion.

Demetris Mothershed of Colorado

Colorado beware of this HPV-GENITAL WARTS carrier named Demetris Mothershed. He loves unprotected anal sex with men and women. He is a compulsive liar. He is not what you think. No you did hit the jackpot with this loser trust me. Look at his background. There’s a protection order against him for Domestic Violence. Don’t […]

Matthew dipiano of Astoria NY

Stay away from this lying cheating fuck. He will beat you. Sell you the world. But guess what it’s all lies. He will cheat on you with prostitues. You can search the Internet and find craigslist posts of him looking for sexual favors from men. He’s a drug doing pill head. He’s not picky, he […]

Chris Geiger of Jacksonville FL

This man is a sociopath! He cheated on me with women from backpage. He has no job, he’s dirty, a convicted felon, drug addict, loser, LIAR! He lives at home & has 2 kids. Doesn’t pay child support. Doesn’t ever want to see his kids. He tries to hook up with anyone and everyone! He […]

Eddie Rodriguez of New Jersey

Screws everything but his wife. Says I am a controlling cunt. The cunt is in control asshole.

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