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Raphael Goudy, Michigan

This man is a liar, cheater, sleazeball, and psychopath. He poses as a photographer but is really a stalker and creep. Ladies beware, he keeps your proofs to masturbate to or pretend that he’s been romantically involved with you. He gets off on getting away with criminal and sadistic activity. The worst part is that […]

Ruthie England Taylor, Michigan

Cheater’s Name: Ruthie England Taylor, Michigan This person is a cheater who deserves to live in chleaterland because: Ruthie England is a home wrecker. She wouldnt leave my husband alone at work knowing he had a wife at home with kids. She also has a man at home named Justin Diaz that believes everything she […]

Justin Adams Monroe, Michigan

Cheater’s Name: Justin Adams Monroe, Michigan This person is a cheater who deserves to live in chleaterland because: Justin Adams 33 year old white male from Ohio lives and works in Monroe Michigan at Victory Honda 1605 N Monroe St, Monroe Mi 48162. He was working at the Map room bar in Cleveland, Ohio.Hes got […]

Andrea Mack of Michigan

I have been with my husband for 21 years. We have a nine year old and an eighteen month old. On January 1st he told me he needed a break and wanted me and the baby to stay with my mom for a while. I was so upset and felt abandoned because I had shattered […]

Dr Michael Sorscher

This guy took a great interest in my wife and is dating her along with others. Beware ladies!!! Sex addict!!!

Jason Toma, West Bloomfield Township,...

Jason Toma is the dirtiest grimiest inhumane being to ever walk the earth. He has slept with thousands of girls. He is the biggest pathological liar and serial cheater. He is now engaged to a girl named Candice Shammami who is dumber then a bag of rocks. He was cheating on her the entire time, […]

Patricia Trejo, Michigan

Patricia has been charging guys for sex and blowjobs. She even charges guys 5.00 to smell her Poop pantys and she charges 5.00 to smell her farts. She does all her sex business out of her apt. Her husband dosent know anything. She has a son of 2 years old. She don’t care. She only […]

Tonya Rene Henderson, Gaines, Michiga...

Watch out for Tonya Rene Henderson!! This whore… I don’t even know where to begin. My husband and I have been married for 7 years. She was talking to my husband on Facebook alot. My husband was on his phone for lot of the time. He was never like this because he don’t even like […]

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