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Kelly S. Logg, Gallup, New Mexico

The House of Liars welcomes Kelly S. Logg, Gallup, New Mexico. As reported: This little girl whore, can’t tell the difference between right and wrong. Typical bar whore. This little girl opens her legs to any guy that will feed her and pay for her drinks. She’s 23 with a child that she’s doesn’t even […]

Jeremy Fortune, Albuquerque, New Mexi...

Jeremy has been married for almost 15 years and has 2 beautiful children. This does not stop him from having numerous infidelities throughout his entire marriage. He will say any lie he can to get into the other woman’s head. He uses their insecurities to his advantage. He has posted evidence of his sexual encounters […]

Johnnyboy Rich of Albuquerque, New Me...

I met this Johnnyboy Rich in 2013 he was manipulative, controlling and always making accusations of cheating so he could make his victims apologize for his infidelity! Johnnyboy Rich will never stay faithful to one woman and has proven this with a divorce due to cheating and the most recent of his relationships destroyed due […]

Ledeanna Begay — Gallup, New Mexico

My husband kept seeing Ledeanna Begay all these 4 years we were together. We got married in church in front of God, made our vows. After a year later, Andrew G Begaye cheated on me. Now, they have a baby together… because he always wanted one. And to say, a coward like him didn’t have […]

Jeff Saiz, New Mexico

Arrested 4 times for Battery on a Household Member. Arrested for DWI. Screws married women, hits on married women at his Meetup events. Drinks like a fish. A class act, this one. Typical for New Mexico.

Kerry Ann Woods Barber Joe

Kerry Ann Woods Barber Joe is a official website slut forever. This slut would borrow cash from my husband and not pay him back. In return she would send slutty pics. Kerry will suck your cock and take a cream pie in the ass.

Tania Nieto of Los Lunas, New Mexico

More than 2 yrs and this “woman” still looking for my husband even knowing Im pregnant She promised to stay away from us.But every single night she texted him with I LOVE YOU SO MUCH U DONT KNOW HOW MUCH YOU MEANT TO ME. She is 40 and someone betrayed her home but she forgive […]

Cynthia Medina of New Mexico

This woman dated the man and father of my children in highschool almost 35 years ago. Me and my now ex have two beautiful kids under the age of 5 . We also lived together for 4 1/2 years . Her cousin is friends with my ex . Last year his friend told her cousin […]

Oliver Shoemaker of Albuquerque, New ...

Oliver Shoemaker now lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is the Slot Operations Manager of Santa Ana Star Casino. Oliver is a real low life. He uses his job to pray on unsuspecting wives that are going through tough times. Oliver started his evil homewrecking career as a valet in Alpine CA at a a […]

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