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Lauren Fanger, Newberg, Oregon

Lauren Fanger pursued her co-worker who was engaged with two children under the age of 2 years old. As a mother herself, she stated that she doesn’t care who her actions affect as long as she gets what she wants in the moment. Though claiming she “lived” him, she never had serious intentions with the […]

Andrea Dietze


Monir Sheikh (Monir Sardar, Sheikh Ze...

This guy is crazy as they come. He steals and lies and cheats. He has multiple women in multiple countries. He takes up new women to get citizenship in their country. He uses them and he abuses them. He also has a lust for animals and wants to watch intimate relations between humans and animals. […]

Juan Louis Visoso Sanchez-Compulsive ...

My sister and me went out to eat and he was working at the Mexican restaurant. I wish we had never went there now. Anyway, he ended up asking her out. They went out on a date to the park. He did not do anything to her on the first date. Then he met her […]

Sonza Gabriel

Sonza Gabriel is a 47 going on 20 manipulative, lying and vindictive woman who tries to prey on young men. The first argument you get into she will go and cheat, she’s done it to me twice. She still stays in contact with all her old Exs because she’s a ratchet Ricada thot pocket. She […]

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