Where Liars and Cheaters Live!

Cody Ray Plank of Muldrow, Oklahoma

This two-faced, arrogant, homewrecking piece of human waste initiated an affair with my wife of FIFTEEN YEARS in April of this year,(2015), which culminated in a meeting of their genitalia in July. He is the WORST kind of person. He puts on airs concerning subjects such as honor and Christian values, while sleeping around behind the back of HIS wife, with whom he has 3 daughters. When confronted with what I’d found out, this spineless coward denied any sexual activity of any kind. (My wife confessed). Now, while we struggle to piece our life back together, with our 4 children, he composes posts on facebook that show nothing of the treacherous, frightened scrum that he truly is. As a bonus, he is a Coach/Teacher at Gans. Be careful, gentleman. Keep your eyes on your wives, as I ASSURE you that he will….Thanks for fueling my children’s nightmares, you worthless Judas…

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