Where Liars and Cheaters Live!

David G. Peinsipp of San Francisco, California

David Peinsipp is a sleazy, repulsive, manipulative lawyer and partner at the San Francisco office of Cooley LLP who uses women like objects and has been serially cheating on his live-in girlfriend of 15 years. Because of his extremely high level of self-centeredness and disregard for others, he never actually intends to marry his girlfriend because California does not recognize common-law marriage and, therefore, David Peinsipp is able to keep her in a position of ever-increasing financial dependence upon him, where she is forced to accept his repeated affairs and he retains the freedom to discard her at no cost the day David Peinsipp decides she no longer meets his needs. One of his favorite methods is to use recycled pornographic poetry to give him a facade of faux erudition, but that would be better suited to being sold for a dollar at the check-out of a two-bit adult book store.

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