Where Liars and Cheaters Live!

David Pruiett, III. Texas

Also known as David Pruiett, David Pruiet, Dave, Nicolai. Five years of faithfulness to this man has given me two of his children, a trashed/wrecked car, and enough experience with cheating to host at least 3 seasons of a Jerry Springer spin-off. He tends to work in automotive or law enforcement(with prior military background). Right now he resides in Texas so BEWARE, southern bells,although he is NOT opposed to meeting girls online. He is very flirty and likes to start out with his signature move, the shoulder to cry on. He is the typical white knight, and will go out of his way to get in your pants. His type is younger, childless, broken women. He uses terms of endearment for every girl he meets so don’t let it fool you into thinking you’re special. There are at least 20 other sweethearts, out there, 15 over doves, and who really knows how many beautiful.

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