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Douchebag Boulder cop sleeps with multiple married women

Don’t believe the hype. There’s no hero cop here, just a typical douchebag who not only cheats on his sick wife but does so with several married women. Bar parking lots, break rooms at work, weight rooms at work. This disgusting man even takes his whores to his parents house when they are away on vacation. All the while convincing these filthy women he runs with that his wife is totally ok with him screwing them. His m.o. is to get these women drunk, convince them he’s so alone and neglected by his wife, then beg them for blow jobs in the parking lots of the bar. And then to top it off the guy can’t even wear condoms. Giving women STD’s and getting them pregnant then paying to “take-care” of the problem. A completely disgusting person.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous
    November 9, 2017    

    This douchebags name is Brent Biekert

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