Emma Ledvina worked for my husband. She had been in our home, watched our children for us. She provided drugs for my husband. I asked her to please back off last November 4th. On November 14th she told my husband they should kiss to get it out of their system. She sent my husband a very sad email from her boyfriend. Poor Adam- she played him for a fool. My husband and I always knew each other’s passwords, of course I saw the email. I sent her a text messaged telling her again to back off and get help. At 6am CST the day after Thanksgiving Emma sends me a scathing text message. How dare I? How dare I try and come between her and the only friend she has in Texas? My husband entered rehab 5 days later. He was only in 18 days before his insurance company kicked him out. They continued to text. On November 4th I had told Emma that my husband was bipolar and not medicated. She has a master’s in Social Work ‰ÛÒ she has worked with people who struggled with drugs and knew of people who were manic. According to my husband his manic stories Emma thought made him interesting. Here is her blog- go check it out. http://theemmastories.wordpress.com/2011/07/04/i-check-out-women/ I discovered their emails in January. We separated. My husband was a mess. He was messed up with alcohol, drugs and neck deep in his mania. He was scary to be around. He was not safe to be around our children. I did get a lawyer and I had Emma’s name in the divorce decree- I did NOT want the person who was providing drugs and alcohol to my husband to be around our children. She was not safe to be around children and they both worked for CPS! April- my husband starts talking to me about working on things. He was still unwell. The weekend he moved home Emma emailed him drunk from a wedding in New Jersey. Of course this caused a fight with my husband and me. He moved out again. A few days later he attempted suicide. Another stressful time. During this time Emma’s now ex-boyfriend Adam had emailed me that he had emails between my husband and Emma. We chat. June 18th I receive an email from a Daniel Rosales. He said that he had stuff on my husband. He told me to ask my husband if he knew Daniel homeless guy from California- I am not kidding. Daniel was Emma’s new boyfriend/ drug connection. My husband by this time was attending AA meetings and working on his sobriety. He made a stupid decision to text Emma. She was set to leave CPS and travel from Texas. Daniel and Emma both began emailing me ‰ÛÒ I contact the PD and they told me that I had to respond and be clear that if they contact me again I would call on the police department. This time I included Emma’s immediate supervisor, her supervisor and the Director of CPS. Then Emma sent me this lovely text: I saw the email that you sent, and will respond appropriately to my supervisors. Fortunately, I don’t imagine that it will have a huge effect, as I will be leaving the job and the state come Friday. (I also highly doubt that that any or all media outlets will give a rats ass’ about this, so I’m not sweating that.) So you can go ahead and email Adam, email my supervisors, email anyone you want about me, tell them all the horrible things that I did to poor innocent you, because YOU CAN’T FUCKING TOUCH ME, BITCH. And I will take great comfort in knowing that, while I never have any reason to think about you again, you’ll never forget the bitch that was better to your husband than you ever were. Have a very nice life, She later (about a month ago) called me at work I now have 2 harassment reports against Emma Ledvina. This woman is very, very sick. Oh and I did email her mom. Her mother needed to know that her daughter was harassing me and that the PD located her and her PO Box to mail her a cease and desist letter. This woman is a Social Worker and should not be anywhere near people who need help. She would tell my husband after he had our kids for a weekend, about the drugs she would try Now, don’t judge me but I tried meth this weekend with Daniel. You see one time Emma went back home to New Jersey and Daniel was left in her apartment and was calling her freaking out that monsters were out to get him- she called my husband crying about it. She is currently driving across the South West. So, if you see her face driving a Blue Subaru. TX plates: DMZ R359 4 door, 2000, call her a cunt- because she loves that word so much. My husband? Sober 4 months now. Medicated on the proper meds again- he is healthy- out of his fog and out of CPS. Our beautiful children are happy and healthy. Me? I am smiling because I know that Emma hates herself and her life. If she didn’t then she wouldn’t try so hard to continue to try to kill herself. Read her blog. She is a type 1 diabetic and does not take care of her health not to mention her excessive alcohol and drug use.