Errapel Mejias-Bikandi, Lincoln, Nebraska

He has had three wives. I was number three. Cheats, lies, gambles – forged credit card in my name and charged $30,000.00 that I had to pay. Drained bank account and was kyting! Didn’t pay bills and I ended up paying credit cards and overdue income tax for him. Then he declared bankruptcy and didn’t pay the payout – which I also ended up paying to protect my kids and house. He moved from job to job – several every year and then when I told him to get a job or get out – he left. Of course everything was my fault and he is a victim. I took all the debt and gave him a large amount of money, paid all the legal bills so I could get my divorce. He goes weeks or months without seeing our little girl even though he lives only 3 blocks away. Often he just doesnt bother to show up when he is supposed to. Now he is 6 months behind in support payments even though he is working full time. Instead he chooses to golf every weekend, party, smoke and drink (and probably gamble). I tell you – dont date him girl!

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