Where Liars and Cheaters Live!

Heather Stephens of Livermore California

Heather Stephens is PSYCHO!!! Heather Stephens will lie to you constantly, she has a steady stream of men through her house and all she cares about is money!!!  Heather Stephens has STD’s, 3 kids she expects you too take care of and she will dismantle your life as soon as she doesnt get what she wants!!! Heather Stephens will threaten you with everything from killing herself too fucking her real on the side man Daniel!!!   And when you dont give Heather Stephens what she wants she will go berzerk and not stop until she knows shes destroyed you!! If you read this and dont take note you will be used, abused, and fucked with for years to come. Heather Stephens s a tweaker and does not have the ability to control herself SO BEWARE!!!

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