Jared Warrington, Clarksville, Tennessee

Jared Warrington is a lying piece of shit. He cheated on me with some fat lard ass bitch twice and to this day still lies about it! Watch out for this guy as he may seem sweet and fun, he is NOT. We were engaged and luckily did not go through with our marriage! He is an idiot and the worst at sex. If I wanted to have sex with a dead fish it’d probably be better than having sex with his dumb ass.


  1. di di
    February 28, 2016    

    Is he from Chicago?

  2. Jared is Garbage Jared is Garbage
    November 11, 2016    

    I am so sorry that he did this to you. I knew him well, and he fucked me over big time. He is a horrible human being; lies to women, cheats on them, uses them, and abuses animals. I am thankful you got away before you got married, and hopefully you have since moved on.

  3. Amandashaw Amandashaw
    November 20, 2017    

    I think he has been lots of places with lots of names. We need a pic or very good description

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