I just want everyone to know that the woman has zero respect for other women. She is an ex of my boyfriend. They were together for a while until about 2 months before he and I got together, about a year and a half ago. It wasn’t long after that her lack of respect for me was apparent. I politely asked her to back off for a while, until I feel comfortable with him being friends again. You know, to let their separation really sink in, and for our relationship to have an opportunity to flourish. Well, she responded harshly, I told her my reasoning and how I have had experiences in the past where awful things happened. She ignored me and I moved on. This may have happened in almost the same way about three times. Well, finally about 2 months ago,I found out that she had been messaging, calling, hanging out and coming over to his house when I wasn’t there or at work. So, I was upset. I contacted her, telling her how upset and how it made no sense why its so hard for her to back off. I eventually found out that he had been opening up to her about me and our problems, and boy did she cut me down. I am still trying to be civil and only get a go f#!% yourself. She said she will never leave him alone, and she will be waiting for him when he leaves my psycho a$$. It just really hurts and she is very heartless towards me. I know that My boyfriend and I aren’t married, but t’s something we talk about. I want to forgive him, because I think he is genuinely a good guy and just didn’t want to hurt her feelings, but she is making it so difficult. I have given her many opportunities to just tell me that she will back off and we never hear from each other again. I just wish she could feel my pain for a second and STOP. Just let me have peace of mind and stop degrading me as a woman. I have never had issues like this with anyone and i would, as much as I hate to admit, like to watch her pay for her complete lack of empathy. And I can only hope they never slept with each other when she was at his place. Thanks for letting me vent. I feel better already.