Where Liars and Cheaters Live!

John Pagano, Altamonte Springs, Florida

Together over Three years- he was caught cheating once in the beginning. John was remorseful and seemingly saddened by his actions. Cyndi truly believed if nothing more- their friendship was real. She was happy being friends and felt safer that way. But-they’d go back and forth-No matter what-Every morning and every night they talked. Friends called it -Like a Mr. Big and Carrie story- But he made a point of having her accept that he loved her within the last year. Still having questionable actions bringing in a 3rd party as he requested.. He told his brother (wonderfull brother! And wonderful FAMILY!) He tells his brother:- “No I’m not cheating” – “yes- I love her- yes we’re in a “committed relationship” Friends and family following the story were so happy to see them happily together and that’s why All those cameras were flashing. ……… Follow your GUT feeling- That is your guardian angel. The heart and head- will fail you. ..

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