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Jorge Freyre Herrera, Angola

Jorge Freyre Herrera from The Luanda Medical Center – Hospital em Angola – Run. This cheater and lyer lives In Angola as a Medical Doctor. He pretends all The time, he wants both men and Women, all out of his contry (Cuba). He Seems To be serious, and makes you feel like a Princess. Then he starts talking about getting marriage with you, open an account In your country, and pretends To control his and your money. Well, this cheater, invited me for a honeymoon In Cuba, always asking for a child. I was In heaven, taking cate of Hotels, tickets, visa. Thinking that he was a Hard worker a Medical full of dignity. He disappeared once In a while, But always with The work Excuses, I spent lot of money with this trash! All The money I had. He wanted a baby immediately, as an account here In Brazil. He has troubles with Cuba government, as he ran away. Anyway, In The work, he talks badly about everybody. Anyway, I paid our honeymoon, he just disappeared, with everything ready! He blocked me! The only thing I know from others, is that, no matter if you are man or Woman, he only wanted To take finatial adivantage. Run from this cheater, he only wanted your money, and levar you In praxes. He is The Devil.

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