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Joshua Kapellusch of Auburndale WI

Joshua David Kapellusch was married twice and was unfaithful. He lies to females about his 3 kids and sleeping with so many women at once. Be careful because he may just give you stds. He knows how to manipulate women and has girlfriends in Tennessee, Georgia, and Wisconsin. Don’t let his gorgeous eyes and skills in bed get you into thinking you’re special because you’re one in 400.


  1. Lian Lian
    April 17, 2016    

    If there is a way to remove this post, please contact me. I’m not sure if I am the author of this post since I don’t recall doing so but he claims that this is affecting his professional life and his marriage. He did cheat on me and a girl from Wisconsin and met up with numerous women on tinder while in a relationship but he’s threatening me with a lawsuit if this post is not deleted. He has told me that his relationship with women should remain private. Though I think cheaters should be exposed and those cheated on should have a voice, I’d like to respect his wished if I was the author. As previously stated, I don’t recall posting this but IF I did, please contact me or remove it. Thank you.

  2. Joshua Kapellusch Joshua Kapellusch
    November 7, 2016    


    I am requesting that the post for Joshua Kapellusch be removed due to it’s false, defamatory, and illegal content. He is a service disabled veteran suffering from Major Depressive Disorder. This posting has caused him to spiral into a major depressive state in which he is not recovering from. It is imperative to his health that this post be removed. He cannot get a job and has damaged relationships because of this article. Please remove this post.

    Original Posting Author: Lian Arehart, AKA Eleonor Arehart, [email protected] 423.544.1924

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