Juan Louis Visoso Sanchez-Compulsive liar, cheater and HPV spreader.

My sister and me went out to eat and he was working at the Mexican restaurant. I wish we had never went there now. Anyway, he ended up asking her out. They went out on a date to the park. He did not do anything to her on the first date. Then he met her again and still nothing. Well, on date number three he ended up getting out of line. She was very alone and afraid. He forced her to watch Asian pornos. Then he forced her into sexual activity. It would be on two occasions that he would do this to her. She is not the type to sleep around but he forced her into it unwillingly. He later stole clothing from our brother when he went to my mother’s home to meet her. He was supposed to just try it on because he had shorts on and he needed pants. He stuck the clothes in the back of his trunk so that we could not gain access to them again. He is a thief and a liar! He has slept with numerous women and he also sleeps with men. He had a roommate who is gay and he had sex with him often. He carries a variety of sexually transmitted diseases. He is not telling anyone about the diseases. He does not care nor have any shame. If you have been near him or have dated him or anything intimate then go to the clinic. He is a sick bastard who is unclean and does not care who he infects. He is a complete asshole who only cares how many women he can sleep with. He will also sleep with any man who is willing.

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