Kevin Johnson, Cincinnati, Ohio

Beware ladies Kevin Johnson is a under cover , He will Lie, cheat and steal your happiness and continue to try and steal your happiness !!!, The first 8 months we were together he never told me he was married. I had to find out on my own by going through his things it always helps to be snoopy you sometimes never can go wrong!!! he had sex with someone right on my couch while I was upstairs sleeping !!!! He is a MENTAL abuser and a PHYSICAL abuser some of the nastiest things come out of his mouth and threats . Don’t make this man mad not even a little upset cause holy hell breaks loose!!!! He dont keep a job for long and will use u up as much as you let him,He will run your bills up and not help pay ,has very bad credit and spends his money that he might have on drinking and partying . He also has a crazy wife that he is still married to that he claims he is not and she dosnt like the white women she will try and make any white girls life a living hell even tho they are separated. We do have a daughter together and I can say he is a good father when it comes to our daughter but always uses her against any disagreement which is not fair He has a sugar mama now just because he has never had a place of his own and that is his home for the time being unless something else better with more money or better advantages comes along now that you have the heads up on Kevin Johnson so watch out girls…..

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