Where Liars and Cheaters Live!

Kimberly Hanna (Not Mortenson)

Kimberly Hanna is not married to Dan Mortenson because he is still legally married yet she claims she is married to him- Bigamy is against the law, until the divorce is final which is March 2nd 2016 at the Washoe County Courthouse- your fake marriage Kimberly is null and void and if you know how to read which you don’t , the Nevada Constitution CLEARLY states your fake marriage to an old broke 51 year old man who cant work because he’s more worried about the amount of money being taken out of his pay checks for back child support in Iowa and Nebraska. Oh by the way your claim of the “fake charges” is not fake I have included the link for the Utah Courts that show your case # with your DOB as well as your washed up old piece of shit husband since you both will be going to court for Drug Paraphernalia charges on January 19th 2016 for your pretrial conference 🙂 https://www.utahcourts.gov/cal/data/Just_OGDEN_2922_Calendar.pdf

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