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Leperry Williams

Stay away from this man! I found out he has or HAD a girlfriend for a year! He had physically and verbally abused her often, the texts she shown mr was just horrifying! He had taken me out and invited me back to his place. He also claimed to be in nothing serious and just “dating around”. Well, his gf happen to contact me on facebook and I was totally in shock because we had been communicating for awhile. Not only that, he has been having unprotected sex with several people. I feel so digusted and embarassed! He can be controlling which I tried to stay away but he asked me to give him a chance and my stupid ass did! He is a LIAR, MANIPULATOR, CONTROLLING. He puts on the charm well at first but be careful, you are NOT the only one he is toying with. He is 44 years old in Houston TX and has no shame on preying on single mothers!


  1. J.B. J.B.
    January 2, 2016    

    Wow! I met this man on POF!! He told me he was single and tried to get me to have dinner with him. Never knew he had a girlfriend! So glad I never met up with him, he seem a little off but poor girl that dealt with him for a year, and sorry you went through it but atleast you found out fast. I swear there are no more single real men in this world!

  2. Curious Curious
    January 2, 2016    

    Whaaat the whaaat?! Hold up! This man here! SMH! I met him on POF and I am on his Facebook! He played out as if he was single with me too! WOW! This man does NOT deserve anyone and I hope that gf he had never takes him back! I can not imagine what she is going through! Who does that to someone, if you dont want to be with someone then just leave!

  3. Keepinitreal Keepinitreal
    January 3, 2016    

    This is not really funny but it is because I have known him for many years and this is not a surprise at all. He has a reputation and not a good one, that is why he keeps to himself so much and only socializes on social media because many of us know how he is. He posts like he some great guy on his facebook and we cant help but to shake our heads at it, that is his way of luring in the innocent ones. We have never known him to be faithful to any of his past girlfriends and they do not last long either. He has only been out on parole for a few years and even messed with women who had men. I feel bad for the women who had put up with his antics but hope they become wiser from it.

  4. Happylife Happylife
    January 3, 2016    

    I use to date this guy a couple years back. He is NOT someone to be with! He has anger issues BIG time! He lies too much! I guess he has not changed one bit, sad! I have finally found a wonderful man! Sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs to get to your prince.

  5. Perry Perry
    January 3, 2016    

    None of this is true ..this is a slander attempt and I will find out who done it. Defamation of character is illegal.

  6. skeptictobs skeptictobs
    January 3, 2016    

    It’s funny how no one leaves details or a name concerning this guy. I don’t believe it one bit. Sounds like a bitter ex to me.

  7. D.D. D.D.
    January 3, 2016    

    Ummmm Im the ex gf. And it is hard enough on me for what has been done to me but this isnt the route to take either. As far as I am concerned, they all can be with him now. Although I can’t stop anyone from posting about the situations yall have been through,Just let God handle what has been done and move forward from it. No need to keep on with posts but like I said, I cant stop yall either. I have enough evidence and do not need to know anymore. So please think about it and just let it go. Thanks.


  8. Curious Curious
    January 3, 2016    

    How can someone sue for defamation when it is true statements? I think you need to understand what defamation is Mr Williams or should I go by your POF name Perry832 or should a link to your facebook should be posted as well since I am on your friend’s list?

    Defamation of character is the legal term for harming someone’s reputation by making false statements.

    The only thing that is ruining you is having other women know what you have done and are capable of. Nothing mentioned is untrue if the persons above can show what you have sent them and etc during the time you had a relationship with another woman for one year. Also, being on parole is not a false statement, public information. I think you need to just deal with the fact that you tried to be slick and you got caught, hopefully you have learned your lesson that you can not do this to people.

  9. Paul Paul
    January 11, 2016    

    Ok. So he cheated and he played a lot of women? So this is what you do, you learn from his childish mess he pulled and move forward. To the ex gf who spent a year with him D.D.,here is my advice, MOVE ON. If he cheated once then he will do it again and do not try to make sense from it because you can not. Some men are meant to be good men and treat a woman right and some men do this kind of immature thing for the rest of their days. There are plenty of men out there so go on, do not let this one man ruin you. Women have a better chance of getting dates and finding good relationships than what men do. Good luck D.D. And even though I may not know you but I do know you deserve better. Good Luck!!

  10. carolpannell carolpannell
    November 19, 2017    

    let me guess, 6ft or so african american male. with a gold in his mouth…

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