Lori Leal of San Antonio, Texas

Lori Leal of San Antonio, Texas has been reported as a cheater and is now a resident of Cheater Land. Is Lori Leal of San Antonio, Texas really a cheater? Read the report and make up you own mind!

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous
    February 11, 2017    

    Update on this case. After having a secret affair for over 1 ywar Lori leal & the cheating husband live together, unhappy. The cheating husband is seeing and talking to other women while mooching off lori leal. She’s thinks she has a hold on him but he’s only holding on to her wallet. She went from mistress to sugar momma, but she thinks they’re in love & happy. The victim, the wife, has moved on, and is in a new relationship and very happy.

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