Luis Malavé, Bronx, New York

Luis Malavé, from Bronx New York, and now lives in the Southwest Florida area is a womanizer and a sociopath. He lives with his girlfriend and cheats on her all the time. He will tell you everything you want to hear and manipulate the truth to get whatever he wants. I had no idea when i met him he was in a relationship. For 5 months I thought he was perfect! Until one night I got a call from his phone, and on the other line was his girlfriend Cené PerMar. He admitted to being addicted to sex and loves the company of women. He is a 26 year old boy whom uses woman to benefit his own life with no regard or concern to the emotional damage he may cause to involved parties. His girlfriend Cené PerMar, harrassed and threatened for 3 months. I hope this helps, save yourself if involved with either one of these people

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