Where Liars and Cheaters Live!

Melanie Fetterhoff of Kingsport, Tennessee

To start my husband and i were together in excessive university, married correct out of high college. I had 3 attractive kids with him. We shared close to a decade collectively. He has cheated our complete marriage in line with pals, but this one takes the cake. Melanie Fetterhoff got here in my house while the loved ones slept, she used to be confronted, her and her friend amber(one other hw) each denied and tried attacking me for asking. My husband wouldn’t allow me to fight them, but he used to be certain to exhibit his ass every night time treating my youngsters and my self like crap. Then this females had the audacity to email me mentioning her husband used to be doing her mistaken, Melanie Fetterhoff would in no way do this type of thing to any person, even her worst enemy. Melanie Fetterhoff lied to each myself and her husband, with my husband. We lived in the identical building, but she had no hindrance telling about the different women who entered the house. (eliminated) She is famous to be a goody two footwear form women so she deserves the disgrace of ruining my home and my kids lives. Melanie Fetterhoff slept with him for months, and used to be confronted, which made it worse. My youngsters saw things they should not as a result of them. My children and that i left and divorce is someday. Karma hopefully catches up along with her. Her husband deserves higher than a lady who enters any person else’s home whilst any of the “mans” household are asleep.

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  1. Melanie Fetterhoff Melanie Fetterhoff
    March 26, 2016    

    This needs to be removed. This is a false accusation and if not removed I will follow up with a subpoena from the court to find out the issuer’s information and file a legal suit against all parties involved. This is libel and has affected my job reputation as well as my reputation among friends and family.

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